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The consumers of 2022 have posed unique challenges to retailers and other businesses. Paid advertising worked for many years to drive traffic towards the intended brand. But now, customers have unconscious reflexes to skip or exit these ads as fast as possible. While this transition away from Bill Mays-inspired paid ads may feel reasonable, what is the next step for modern freight business owners? Organic marketing and organic content of course!

In a February 2022 guest post, Forbes revealed that “Marketing is becoming less formal. This conversational marketing is characterized by quality interactions with the target audience. Think of it like an in-person conversation: You wouldn’t lead by shouting, ‘Buy my stuff!’”

Organic content is a leading solution for those pursuing this conversational avenue of digital marketing. Let’s consider six elements to leveraging an organic marketing strategy with today’s consumers.

Organic Marketing Is About Avoiding Ads and Creating Meaningful Content.

The rise of social media marketing created a pivotal shift toward “organic” brand awareness for several years. However, today most social media platforms require that influencers properly disclose sponsored posts for a product or service. Because most social media sites were not designed for business purposes, it is an unreliant source for both paid advertisements and paid partnerships.

On the contrary, true organic marketing efforts focus on providing varying types of content that are meaningful, high-quality, and stand the test of time. Maintaining a modern, user-friendly website with SEO-strategized blog posts will maximize lead generation without relying on paid partnerships. While paid partnerships and advertisements are not blatantly wrong, they should not be the primary source for growing a customer base.

When a small business decides to reinvest some of its revenue towards marketing, it is no small thing. They have likely done “deep dives” and read case studies to ensure that the profit they are sacrificing for future growth is worthwhile. Some traditional marketing companies might pitch that they will offer six months of content upfront. But is that actually helpful?

While every marketing agency has its own strategy and services, it’s important to choose a team that has experience flexing its content around trends and data. An agency that is a Semrush-certified partner is equipped with all the tools they need to create content that search engines will find worthy of front-page results.

It Makes the Customer a Focus in Your Content.

When an individual starts a business, it is often built out of passion. Sometimes business owners can get so involved in the inner workings of their business, that they forget how to communicate the base level of their products or services to prospective customers. Copywriting experts can see through this gap between businesses and customers to cultivate evergreen content that drives organic traffic.

For example, a logistics company that is based in San Antonio could strategically leverage pictures of I-35 mile markers to subtly showcase their local roots. While business owners understand the value that they are offering to their customers, it’s impeccable that their digital presence not only represents the company but who they would like their clients to be as well.

It Grows in Value Over Time.

A core tenet of organic marketing is its ability to continually create value over time. While paid advertisements only get so much run time, meaningful website content can be accessed over and over again. This is especially pertinent for content that is founded upon search engine optimization (SEO).

Gradually adding SEO content to a business’s digital footprint is akin to the adage “slow and steady builds the race”. While many companies will see results in as little as three months, most will take at least six months to see the actual results at scale. Integrated marketing techniques leverage all that SEO has to offer within a company’s digital persona while offering cohesive advertisement options for print, billboards, and the like.

It Serves to Educate, Attract and Encourage Visitors to Become Customers.

While generations of the past first asked their parents for advice when looking for a product or service, today’s consumers consult with their preferred search engine. This shift in how consumers seek out data is the exact reason multichannel marketing solution agencies exist.

Let’s say a New Braunfels retailer wants to branch into the San Antonio market and needs a hotshot trucking partner to make it happen. Perhaps they’ve seen billboards or other printed advertisements for “Company A”, “Company B” and “Company C”, but the information wasn’t pertinent at the time.

When it’s time to scroll through an internet search for a local trucking company, they might see that Company B is on the front page with a blog titled “10 Things to Know About San Antonio Trucking”. Meanwhile, Company C was on the second page of search results, and Company A was nowhere to be found. Company B’s organic marketing put them at the top of their prospective customer’s feeds in a way that answers their questions and presents themselves as the solution.

Organic Content Still Has a Cost.

While the costs of traditional marketing mostly stem from paid advertisements, organic marketing costs stem from time and strategy. The up front costs may be the same, but as mentioned above, conversational marketing is all about offering value to prospective customers. A high-quality marketing agency enables businesses to explore multichannel campaigns that garner the trust of search engines and customers alike.

The value of time for the organic content creator is especially pertinent due to the fast rate of changing search engine algorithms. While many business owners can dabble in marketing, the money spent with a quality company will provide a roundup of pertinent knowledge and sharable content.

Get Stronger Organic Marketing Results With Jason’s Creations Inc.

Whether you are an owner-operator launching their own fleet, or an air freight forwarder, it is crucial for your business health to drive traffic to your website. Social media is an incredible resource, but it is only as valuable as the page it takes you to. To learn more about how organic marketing can get your business to its greatest potential, request a consultation with Jason’s Creations today!

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